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About us.

Here at Luva puppy our utmost goal is to provide you with a healthy and well socialized puppy. We enjoy giving optimal care to our four legged friends. We love what we do and we do what we love!

Our Family consists of Matt, Dorcas, daughter Miranda Joy and Toby our fun shitzu. Toby loves to play and do tricks for the little puppies.

We live in the country and enjoy the beauty of nature. The picture you see on our home page is a view of where we live, having and enjoying animals is my dreams. We operate a certified Organic Dairy Farm, offering quality dairy products through our co-op Organic Valley. Horses and camels are also found here on our homestead. A bottle baby camel is something you might see if you come and visit us.If you are lucky you can give the baby camel its bottle for fun and pictures.

The following pictures are of one special one that got to live in our basement of the house for a winter season while we bottle fed it. 

Matt Yoder


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